It’s no secret much of the infrastructure of the United States is in a dilapidated condition, threatening the country with trillions of doll

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Imagine snapping a picture of your wound and have it automatically sent to your doctor for medical assessment, all from the comfort of yourmore
The initiative is called multidomain command and control, or MDC2, and its goal is to take data from sensors on the ground, in the air and imore
The Defense Health Agency was created to be a shared services organization, and plans to improve its service delivery system with the help omore

Text from cartoon: stop asking Alexa for a raise.

Technology itself creates an inevitable generational gap, as it’s been ubiquitous for most teenagers and twentysomethings growing up as digi

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Cyber news in recent weeks highlighted the accelerating cycle of attack and counterattack that goes on in the alleyways of the web. It alsomore
The federal agency responsible for housing and protecting hundreds of millions of Americans' most sensitive health data spends less on cybermore
The sustained high frequency of successful cyberattacks against corporations and government agencies has made one thing clear: Perimeter-cenmore

The Agile Advocate is a series of thoughts or musings on the agile movement and DevOps in particular. It was motivated by the seminal work o

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In a whimsical sense, robotic systems performing basic jobs can seem like a human resources dream: They work around the clock at high speedsmore
The pursuit to digital transformation and adoption is a global one, and as technology reshapes our everyday lives, countries compete to keepmore
Federal IT modernization is a work in progress, requiring leadership buy in, acquisition reform and a culture change — but adopting cloud semore


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